Date published: 27.03.23

Updated: 02.04.23

The official press release of: 

In 2021, an estimated 20 people experiencing homelessness died on the streets of Birmingham. That is 20 too many.


As a charity, Homeschool Social Enterprise (1146794), through the ministry Active Christians has been working relentlessly to help those who find themselves without accommodation.

In particular rough sleepers have been central to our outreach activities and it’s safe to say that we know the rough sleeping community.


We know their needs, we know what brings them to the streets, we know what keeps them on the streets and we know how to help them.


We have a vision of a solution that we believe can end the rough sleeping problem in Birmingham. It involves targeting the hard-core rough sleepers, helping them with the root cause of their problems and patiently supporting them as they transition (where applicable) off substances, into accommodation and eventually into work.

The solution? To open a Wellbeing Centre in Birmingham to address the immediate and long-term needs of people who have been sleeping rough. Read more about the centre here


We understand the enormity of the task but we also know we have what it takes. We have the heart, we have the determination and we have the team. What we currently lack is the finances which is why we are asking you, the community to support us.


We need to get the word out about our supporting fundraising challenge:  The Big Homelessness Art Challenge.

The aim of the challenge is to get as many people as possible on board to donate or fundraise for us so that we can reach our initial target of £100,000 by June 2023.

There are 3 ways people in the community can get involved.


1) By fundraising on our behalf


2) By donating directly to the Wellbeing Centre Project:


3) By sharing the official challenge page


By doing all or any of these steps, we will be well on our way to the goal.


We are calling on the press, businesses, individuals with extensive networks and members of the public to share help us get the word out.

Please SHARE the news about our challenge by sharing the link

We are also asking you to publish this letter or information contained where others can read it and where led, donate or partner with us to achieve this goal.

Other ways to partner:

  • Become an official sponsor of the Wellbeing centre - Email us for further information
  • Donate prizes we can award to highly active participants during the challenge period (The challenge ends 31st May 2023)
  • Send a donation on behalf of your organisation  
  • Help us to fund our closing auction event
Email us if you'd like further information regarding any aspect of this challenge. 





Active Christians