If you would like to become a FUNdraising Champion, you can use the answers from this template to set up a fundraiser

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How much would you like to raise?

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Title of your fundraiser

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Tell the crowd the aim of your fundraiser

I am raising money for Homeschool Social Enterprise/Active Christians to open up a wellbeing centre for rough sleepers and the community in Birmingham.


Tell the crowd all the details about your fundraiser

Note: Edit this answer accordingly if you want to fundraise by doing something else instead of creating art 

I aim to raise money by creating a piece of art that represents homelessness. (NOTE: Include details of the type of art you will create and how).

I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me. Homeschool Social Enterprise/Active Christians need generous donations to open up a wellbeing centre that rough sleepers and members of the community can access to improve all areas of their wellbeing.


Physical needs will be met where visitors will be able to have a wash and receive food if they need it. This will then make learning possible where they can receive mentorship as well as education and training which will enable them to find and sustain suitable accommodation, learn important life skills, employability skills and ultimately become independent, working members of society.

Many homeless people have died in Birmingham and together we’re working to stop this from continuing.


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