The perfect person challenge!

In your mind, put a tick next to every statement that applies to you:

1.     I always put God first

2.     I have never made an idol

3.     I always use God’s name with respect

4.     I always remember God’s Sabbath and keep it holy

5.     I always respect my parents

6.     I have never hated or murdered anyone

7.     I have never had an affair or looked at anyone in lust

8.     I have never stolen

9.     I have never told a lie

10.  I have never wanted to own something that belongs to someone else

If you were honestly able to tick every statement then well done!  You are the second perfect person to ever walk this earth and that is some achievement.


However, if like the rest of us you were unable to tick every statement then I’d like to say thank you for your honesty.  Don’t worry, God knew you would not be able to complete the list which is why He arranged a plan to save you.  Learn more.