Second Watch 

(from 9:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.)

During this watch, intercessors are able to impact the spiritual realm before the enemy gets ready to wreak havoc. Psalm 119:62 says, “At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You because of Your righteous judgments.” It was at the midnight hour that God struck down the first-born of Egypt, which resulted in His people being released from captivity and set free to worship Him.  This watch is a time when God deals with the enemies that are trying to keep us from entering into His perfect plan for our lives.

In the natural, this time is characterized by deep darkness. In the spiritual realm, the Second Watch is when diabolical assignments and sabotage from the enemy are set in motion. This is why it is important for intercessors at this watch to pray for God’s protection over their families, cities, and nations:  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered” (Psalm 68:1).

This is also the time for divine judgments, deliverance, prayer for the economy, tearing down walls of darkness and all the wicked structures from our economic, educational, religious, and political systems.

Pray aloud Psalm 59 and Psalm 68:1-4. Pray that God will arise and scatter His enemies. Have a session of praise and worship exalting God and commanding all creation to praise Him. Read aloud Psalm 148. Prayer Decrees for This Prayer Watch:

  • Father, in the name of Jesus, You save me from my enemies. You protect me from those who come against me. You save me from those who do evil and from murderers. You are my God and my strength, I am looking to You, because You are my defender. You love me and You go in front of me. You will help me defeat my enemies. (Psalm 59: 1, 10)
  • I rebuke and loose myself and my family from all evil curses, spells, incantations, psychic powers or sorcery that have attach itself to me or my family line. I declare all these curses are null and void.
  • I break off every power of the kingdom of darkness and cancel every proud ideal in heaven that has established itself against Your plans in my life and bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)
  • I rejoice in Your love every morning. You have been my place of safety, the place I can run to when troubles come. I sing praises to You, my source of strength. You are the God who loves me. (Psalm 59: 16-17)