Can you support us?

Homeschool is the ministry of Homeschool Social Enterprise charity.  We need funding and resources that will help us to continue the valuable work that we do every day.  Please see our list of needs below.

Bible Verse Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. Amen

Urgent needs: 

£900 x 6 - Fridges to store chilled food prior to distribution

£1300 x 3 - Mass juicing and preservation machines to extend the use of fresh goods

£2000 - Bibles to distribute for free

£5000 yearly - Convention

£10,000 per country to set up ministries abroad

£11,000 x 2 - Refrigerated vans

£15,000 x 5 - Secondhand minibuses to transport volunteers and food donations

£20,000 - Printing machine

£36,000 pa x 20 - Salary for volunteers 

£1,499,999 - New premises for worship, storage and supporting the homeless and food bank

Can you donate to help us purchase this equipment?