Another wintery night on the Active Christians outreach...

Another wintery night on the Active Christians outreach. Snowing and icy, we saw a young lady in a delirious state, high on drugs and drifting in and out of consciousness with intermittent outbursts of sobbing.  


There were four passers by trying to help her, calling the emergency services with no joy. I gave her a hot sugary drink of coffee, then tea and a piece of a sugary doughnut. This normally brings them round quite quickly from a high state of heroin or black mamba induced inactivity.


She was responding but very slowly. I had to meet the others from the Active Christians ministry who were waiting for me by the bronze bull at 9pm.


The kind members of the public said they would continue giving her the sugary drinks so I could collect the others.  I later returned with Pastor Calvin and together we ministered to this young lady. We took over from the group and prayed for this young girl. She started to respond by saying “God does not love me, Allah hates me.” We reassured her by saying “God does love you because he sent us from Bilston and Wednesbury to bring this message…Jesus loves you and He died so you can live in the hope that no matter how far you think you have fallen, He will always send someone to help you. We have driven through snow and ice from our beautiful warm homes to give you this message. You’re worth more than gold, you’re precious to Him.”


She looked shocked and looked at herself while groping at her scattered belongings covered in her own urine and excrement. We held her and prayed with her while we continued to call the host team who say they offer emergency accommodation for the homeless in Birmingham. They refused to come out. Other emergency agencies were contacted with no joy.  Her temperature was dropping sharply and she had started to shake.  


We tried to cover her up, she said she wanted to die. She shouted, “give me some heroin! Some mamba!  Some weed man!” We said “NO. Acts 3:6 says, silver and gold have I not but the gospel of Jesus Christ.” She continued to then ‘offer herself’ in terminology too blue to write here, but you get the picture…


Another homeless man said “I called the ambulance over two hours ago!” Myself and Pastor Cal prayed over her with out-stretched hands calling the God of Israel saying “have you no respect for us? Please help this child of yours” (Exodus 2:25).  Then the paramedics arrived a little past 10:35pm, my heart and soul cried with joy. Thank you Jesus (Yeshua).


They began to try to talk to her and help her, she was not having any of it. The ambulance crew said it was a police matter now. They said they couldn’t help her. We said “stop, wait.” We spoke to the young woman and said “please you must take the help from these medical professionals.” She agreed and they took her temperature and she had a very low body temperature (hypothermic) she was near death! She continued to refuse help so we spoke to the crew and they agreed to allow us to help her into the ambulance.  We spoke gently to her saying “the Lord our God wants you to get help.  Please hold onto us and we will walk you to the ambulance.”  She agreed and with all of us helping, we got her in the ambulance.  We gathered her belongings that were scattered over the street and put them into her sleeping bag that was heavily soiled. We put it inside the ambulance with her and bid her and the crew good night.


We walked away to collect our outreach bag and flask.  I had not noticed that I had taken my gloves off to make the calls and I started to shiver. I realised that I had succumb to the cold. Myself and Pastor Cal both walked back to our cars trying to figure out how we can raise enough funds to purchase a building in the city centre where we can have a single point of contact, 24 hours a day; a place where we can help those who cannot help themselves.  A place they can find relief as they arrive in desperation from different parts of the West Midlands and wider areas. Many are broken and looking for salvation, a kind heart, empathy and respect.  To their plight it makes me think of the many buildings I have entered into in Birmingham; half used or empty.  The council house for example, which is only used in part and many parts are not in use, deteriorating from the lack of use. Can’t the council turn these unwanted, unused parts over to Active Christians Ministry to help these poor souls who are in need of kindness and shelter?


As we returned back to our cars, cold and shivering, we prayed to our father God, thanking Him for using our unworthy bodies to do His work.  We praised Him and I ask you to do the same. Will you now, upon reading this pray with us?   Please pray that our God will intervene in this situation- 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Matthew 6:9-13. Amen