The Gospel

Many people use the term 'The Gospel' but what does it really mean?

We believe the Gospel is the 'Good News' that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) shared about the Kingdom of God soon to be set up.  

After His death and resurrection, the term comprised of the preaching of His death on the cross, to claim eternal salvation for those who would believe (see John 3:16).  It is the understanding that Jesus (Yeshua) died on the cross for all sinners, was restored to life and exalted to the right hand of God The Father in heaven, where He has gone to prepare a place for believers until His return where He will issue the final judgement on mankind and gather all believers to live with Him in heaven forever.

What is salvation?

Salvation is the deliverance from sin and its consequences that is only brought about by faith in Jesus (Yeshua). See Romans 1:16.

What does it mean to be saved?

A person who is saved is someone who has accepted that they are a sinner, has asked for forgiveness for all sins and has given their lives to Jesus Christ (Yeshua).  Living for Jesus is a life of repentance, obedience to the Bible and faith in Him and the sacrifice that He made on the cross (Romans 5:9).  It is the best life that you can live and it comes with a promise that when you die you will receive eternal life in heaven.  But salvation is not a one stage process, heaven is only available to those who 'endure to the end' (Matthew 24:13).  It doesn't stop there...when you truly give your life to God He will help you to fulfil the destiny that He has for you, but you have to trust Him to claim it.  Many believe that you have to give everything up to become a Christian but the truth is, He gives you so much more!

How can I be saved?

Contact us and someone will be happy to pray with you and teach you the steps to live a successful Christian life.