Testimony 1- Unedited

Testimony 2 - Unedited

hello my name is _______ im new to our homeless outreach team but i have worked before at the fireside centre which was the old one when the nuns run it i am a former crack addict i have currently been clean for two and a half years approximately i dont sit their counting the days ive been off it so dont ask for a quote to the exact day. i have been helping out with the homeless team for just over a week and im very impressed with the hard work dedication and love of the people involved in it i believe it takes a special person to reach out to members of our community who when if you have came out it to me is a very earily feeling when you see members of the public walk past their fellow man or woman when their sitting in minus weather conditions with sometimes not even a sleeping bag i have been doing this for a short while and ive witnessed that our team has been a first point of contact for new homeless people who have no where to go but the side of the road. stop there before you think to your self it cant happen to me that thought is as close to reality as their being fairys and goblins because homelessness does not discriminate in your mind you may be doing mental handsprings of joy thinking that you tick all the right boxes to be an unlikely candidate for being without a home like many people do but with even climate change you can be affected by a natural disaster like flooding which can affect many people or being even displaced by war. in the whole time ive lived here ive never seen such a crisis point with services being cut when their fundamentally needed all to save money which i have a simplistic view on this it is created by man and woman to give not the average person or even someone who works seven days a week to keep a roof over their head but the one per cent. in the lap of luxury while others struggle by trying to get by on zero contract hours. A few crumbs more to distract the public from the fact that people are dying in corridors of hospitals and on the side of the road of inumane conditions which are man made generated by the greed of the few please could yous come out to help donate or pray for the team who goes out to support there fellow human being im going to start going out in the early hours to bring tea and coffee or hot chocolate to the homeless i wondered if any one wants to come out with me or would like to donate food items like sandwiches so i can distribute them to the homeless