Now that you're alone let's talk (e-book)
Colin Rankine (Author) 



Homelessness is an age old conundrum that can be traced back for thousands of years. A symptom of war, famine and societal breakdown; it has always been a factor linked to one of the most chaotic seasons in life that a person can endure. Yet in an age of technology, streamlined communication and infrastructure, it is hard to believe that not only does the issue exist, it is on the increase.


Now that you’re alone let’s talk is a carefully crafted guide designed to help and bring comfort to people who find themselves homeless whether they are ‘sofa surfing’, reluctantly staying with relatives or sleeping rough on the streets.


Each section outlines practical steps in digestible chunks giving insight into a spiritual approach. The book allows the reader to rethink their position and to make positive decisions that would lead them out of their situation.

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This book is an ideal gift for someone who is stuck in the valley of decisions.  It is also a recommended purchase for individuals who are seeking help or would like to help someone else by sharing words of wisdom and courage. 
All proceeds will go to charity. 


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